It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

Christmas – the birth of JESUS is the most awaited festival of Christians.


The season of Christmas begins 5 Sundays before – on Christ the King feast which is the beginning of the Catholic Church Calendar. Advent – the preparation for Christmas consists of 4 Sundays. It is a period where each day is considered to do a good deed to another. It is the most awaited time of the year.

During this time, often everyone plays Secret Santa – a way of spreading gifts with loads of happiness and joy into another’s life. Secret Santa is not just restricted to school kids or college students but even employees at workplace, i.e, including people of all faiths indulge in this Act because everyone loves receiving gifts.

Everyone lights up their homes and offices to welcome the King – JESUS. A Christmas tree is another most significant decoration during Christmas along with Santa Claus.

The main idea behind every festival is to come together and share in the happiness and joy of your friends and family. Being the reason for some else’s smile will definitely make you much more happier. Hence, requesting each one of you to share your happiness and get a smile on someone’s face this Christmas.


Sleep is bae <3

Sleep – the most important part to live a healthy life, yet many are sleep deprived.

As a kid, we would sleep all day long. We barely woke up to eat and then back again slept for hours together. Neither did our parents nor did our fears wake us up. We slept as much as we wanted. Why is that so difficult as we grow up?

Once we begin school, we have to start following a daily habit of waking up at a certain time in order to reach before time. This habit had to continue throughout school life. We had to be on time to school, but those days we slept on time, too. I am sure we all had a deadline to go to bed as kids.  These years we still fulfilled our sleep to a larger extent.

Reaching our teenage years, a lot of things change. We tend to develop a habit of studying late in the night or early hours of the morning for our exams. However, earlier this same would happen at normal hours of the day but now it’s difficult. During the day most of us are distracted. Here, the hours of sleep our body needs begins to reduce. Though this is just a starting step.

Few years down the line, we end up falling for someone, liking someone which sooner or later turns into love. Everyone knows a person in love will spend all their time with their love leading to lack of sleep.

It’s a general thing, if anyone says I don’t get sleep, people immediately ask them, “Are you in love?”

But no one realizes the consequences when this relationship breaks up. That’s when the actual sleepless nights begin. There is always one to whom it won’t matter much but what about the other one to whom it meant everything? That one is left with happy memories that only get tears in her eyes leading to sleepless nights. This is where most people lose their sleep and spoil their health for someone who doesn’t care.

It’s not just your girlfriend/boyfriend relationships that end. At times blood relations, people with whom you have spent years of your life with also comes to an end one day. And that haunts you, resulting in sleepless nights. Later, we realize, we have wasted our time on people who don’t care about us.

Make sure you don’t waste your precious sleep on people who are not worth it. Sleep well. Stay healthy.


A True Blessing

Bond of Friendship

Friendship is a bond beyond blood relations. It’s a mutual agreement without any kind of force. It’s a silent promise made to each other that no matter what the situation is, we will have each other’s backs. It gives a feeling of security that no matter how crazy you’re, you still won’t be judged. You don’t need to think before you say or act. You can act however stupid you want, they won’t say anything infact, they will be apart of your stupidity. Here’s my personal experience of this bond. 

A neighborhood friend decided to celebrate her birthday at the orphanage. We had gone there as strangers, but returned as acquaintances, that was one of our first conversations. Following year you invited me for your birthday that made us friends. 

In secondary school, we were in the same class when she wrote notes for me and till date I grumble about her handwriting. Belonging to the same church, too, grew our friendship. The next academic year, we began tuitions together. All this strengthen our friendship 10 times more. We had a school group which had fights frequently but that never affected us, it only enhanced our friendship.

We chose the same college though our streams differed. First day of college we travelled together. 2 years of college was a roller coaster ride. We watched a horror movie – Conjuring. Even horror couldn’t stop us from laughing. We traveled for exams together at times. And we always had our area activities with brought us together. However, that year was messed up. I don’t know how I managed to make her cry on your birthday. I’m still very sorry about it. She really understood my situation, not only did she forgive me but also gave me my time which was very essential.

Degree college we both spilt. There came some differences after which I wasn’t very free in approaching her. But by the third year of college things came back to place. We began travelling together early morning, laughing all the way. We did each other’s projects. We worked hard towards our semesters. She even taught me. We began the year together as well. My sister delivered a baby girl and she was there in the hospital to see her. We baked cupcakes together and planned on baking her birthday cake, too which didn’t happen due to my prelims.

Went for 6 am mass on Easter Sunday cause of our exams. She attended the baby’s christening since I couldn’t. She went to Leh and only got a gift for me. I can definitely go on and on about her, these are just a few memories.

She’s this one girl who changed my life completely. I was a very quiet girl but she taught me to laugh a little too much. With her I would laugh until my eyes watered and my stomach ached. She is one person who knows about all my jugad. There’s nothing ever hidden from her. Even as I started this blog she was the first person to realize. On reading the first post, she told me don’t ever say I didn’t have an elder sister who doesn’t care about me, since she still lies for me. Honestly, that meant a lot, wouldn’t be able to express it ever to her. Reading this she may understand.

You don’t need blood relations always by you. Infact, they will be the ones who can put you in trouble but a true friend will get you off that situation. And yes, she is definitely that person. This is where I found my lost elder sister. You may not always get what you want. You always get better than what you expect. This girl has actually taught me much more than my real sister could ever. That’s when friends turn into family.


We share a nine years difference so getting along with each other as kids were impossible.


My sister and myself could fight over anything and everything. As kids we fought over things as silly as favorite chair and table but these silly things meant a week of not talking to each other. Reaching teenage we started wearing each other’s clothes and fought like crazy over it. As we grew up, our fights out more serious.

But in all this, I made some really awesome friends with whom I cherish every moment. The best part is having those childhood friends stand by you in every phase of life.

Happy Children’s Day.

Ego Issues

You raised your hand on me and the following 3 months you didn’t even speak to me.

After that day I too didn’t bother you. I made up mind to not interfere in your life. So days passed by and even months. I was prepared for the fact you wouldn’t even wish me on my birthday.

Suddenly out of nowhere, you’re message arrived at 1 am. It consisted of 2 pictures. One read happy 21st birthday and the other had a quote for sisters, wishing me happy birthday sister. I was amazed that this came from you. I thanked you.

Your husband wished me in the morning. Out of concern, I invited you both home for lunch. And his reply was:

Sorry girl working today.. but thank u so much for the invite.. u enjoy urself..  swing by its been a long time since you have seen ur niece..

All of a sudden you arrived at 4 pm. Seeing my niece I was on cloud 9. She’s a darling. First time to have an adorable baby for my birthday I was excited. I had to leave by 4.30pm but still waited until 5 pm for you. But you do not appreciate when people do anything for you.

You went and told all my aunts I have attitude and don’t have time for anyone apart from my friends. I figured this about two months later until then I thought you realized the worth of relations in your life and working towards improving it but as usual, you will prove me wrong.

In those two months, I thought things were coming back to normal and I began visiting your house to meet my cute niece and tried making conversations with you. Your birthday was nearing I thought I would do something for it so, I decided to bake you a blueberry cheesecake as you loved it. A day prior everything was ready.

I stayed up until 12 am to wish you. Sharp 12 I called and wished you. I was the first person to wish. The following day I came to wish you with mom and dad. I took the cheesecake in the kitchen and asked you should I keep it out or put it in the fridge. You said keep it in the fridge now and you’ll remove it later to cut it. As we were talking, you tried putting them down even then. How much ever I wanted to say something back I kept quiet because it was your birthday.

About an hour later we wanted to leave but your husband made us wait to cut the cake. He bought a cake from the shop and only removed that for you to cut. Not once did he bother about getting my cheesecake out and cutting it. Either did you ask for it. You have no idea how you made me feel. I didn’t say a word but that day I made up my mind I will never go out of my way for you ever again.

Even today, just because you’re husband is going out so you’re coming home. You don’t ask, you directly say you’re coming home. For you, everyone has to cancel their plans. That’s not fair. I’m not going to stay back for you.

A humble request guys stop disrespecting your family because they are the ones who will always support you.

A Horrible Daughter 

Once you became a mother, you made our mother your maid due to her unconditional love for us and her grandchild. 


Copy of Drifting Away Relations.png

That very day you made my mother stay the night with you along with your husband. I wanted her to come home in the morning but your husband directly told my aunt to look after me. What kind of attitude was that? Not once you asked if it was fine with her, you just commanded. You can request not order someone. My poor mother who wanted to come home in the morning for me couldn’t cause your husband went missing in the middle of the night without informing anyone. My mother had to search him. From that very day, all you gave her was tension although she didn’t complain ever.

Your mother in law was supposed to stay but didn’t as her daughter had come. But my mother came every day and sat next to you in the hospital when you’re husband’s family didn’t even care once about you.

Whatever you needed,  you ordered her to get it for you and she did it out of love. Whenever I tried stopping her, she always told me she’s my daughter after all but you took undue advantage of this fact.

The day of the christening you told her to dress well for the evening. Like what do you think of yourself? In the evening, you wanted to enjoy the party and just left your baby with her.

The following month you came home and began demanding for a variety of foodstuff stating that you’d get everything in your husband’s house. My mother tried her level best to give you everything she could but in return, you told her only that my child is crying so bitterly and if anything happens to her, I would have to take her to the doctor because no one would come. How could you? Every single time my mother stood by you. And you just left the house.

For more than 3 months you didn’t step back. No matter what you said,  my mother still came to see her grandchild. Then you came up with the idea of keeping my mother with you. Thought of making her stay in the guest room so that she could be your maid and look after your kid. What kind of a mother are you, you can’t even take care of your own child?

Did you think my mother doesn’t have a home and a family? It was very clear that she wasn’t leaving her home and going to live in you’re husband’s house.

You asked her to make some quilts for your child, she did that too,  despite the fact that she wasn’t even well. You just named a thing and she did it for you. In spite of that, you couldn’t respect her. All you tried doing is put her down in every way.

Now suddenly you thought of working so you came to her again. You wanted her to come with you, all the way to town for your meeting not once but twice. You also asked if she could take care of your kid once you start working. How much more shameless can you be? She’s still ready to do that for you.

On your birthday, again you indirectly tired to put her down by showing off your new phone which your husband gifted you. What kind of a daughter are you? Can’t you see what all you’re mother is doing for you without saying a word to you? Can’t you see the love and care she has for you? Or are you just closing your eyes and using her? Just because she would do anything and everything for you.

You always told me to respect my parents as they are God’s gift to us. Today, all you do is disrespecting her every single time. I know this is not what my mother taught you but I don’t know from where you’ve learned this. I hope you realize this as long as she’s here with us and rectify it. Else it’ll be too late and then you’ll not be able to do anything but regret. I wish you realize this soon.

She always says my God is watching what I am doing and he will take care of everything. My mother will keep doing good and I hope you learn this from her.

Guys please respect your mother and love her, that’s all she’ll ever want in return of everything she’s ever done for you. Thanks to my ungrateful sister, I’ve realized how I should not treat my mother. I hope you all realize it, too.